About this blog

Although I’ve written software for years, I realised only recently that writing code was more about communicating with humans than computers. To become a better engineer, I realised I needed to become a better communicator both inside and outside the code to create a stronger connection between the code I write and the people it helps.

As a technical consultant as well as an engineer, I spend as much time working with business stakeholders and sticky notes as I do with fellow engineers and a code editor. Bridging both worlds often means I have to find new ways of communicating ideas and information and ensuring that nothing gets lost in between. This blog documents my progress at improving communication between the people caring about software products and the people building them. I hope you find this blog a useful starting point for thinking about software development as a talking, rather than writing, activity and would be interested to hear your thoughts on the subjects discussed here.

About the author

When not blogging Konstantin Kudryashov is a prominent public speaker, original organiser of BDD London meetups, the creator of Behat, Mink, co-creator of PhpSpec have lead the Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) practice at Inviqa and is currently helping Insurance Tech startup teams at Kamet Ventures as CTO in Residence. As a communication coach, he has helped teams in many organisations bridge the gap between business and IT using Agile processes and development practices like Scrum, Kanban, BDD, TDD, Collaborative Product Ownership and Deliberate Discovery.

Find him on Twitter @everzet, on Github or LinkedIn.